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Post Info TOPIC: Shadow People, Shadow Beings, Shadow Creatures, Shadow Demons, Dream Demons and Other Creepy Personal Encounters


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Shadow People, Shadow Beings, Shadow Creatures, Shadow Demons, Dream Demons and Other Creepy Personal Encounters

I have some odd experiences that I feel are paranormal in nature and there are two things in particular that are sinister feeling to me.
When I was about 7, I felt like I was being watched, so I ran down the hall to what was at the time one of my sisters bedrooms. I shared a room with my other sister, but she was at a friends that night. My sister was asleep, but I snuggled in with her. I felt like I was still being watched, so I looked around the room and at the other end of the room (the room was longer than it was wide) I saw this shadow thing. There were no lights inside on and nothing coming from outside. It was dark. I saw in the left corner at the other end of the room, this shadow. It didn't feel very threatening, just creepy and curious. I could see through it, but it was darker than the darkness around it and it seemed to move on its own. Then it moved to the other corner, to the right, and vanished. Seconds later, this other thing appeared. This second shadow was solid black, darker than the darkness around it, and this thing felt highly threatening, sinister, evil. It was absolutely terrifying. I froze. Then it started crawling, like an animal moves as it stalks prey, across the ceiling and then moved to the slanted wall above me. It had a crisp, clean shape, human and something else. It was naked, no clothing. It had no facial features. No hair, ears, mouth, eyes, nose, nothing. It was just the shape. Two legs, two arms. Long/tall and very lanky, almost like it was a starving person. It reached out a hand, very bony and long fingers with sharp claws. I screamed at this point and threw the blanket over my face waking my sister up. She didn't see or feel anything, she just wanted to calm me down and go back to sleep. She started singing church songs/hymns to me because I was crying hysterically. It took at least half an hour or more of her singing, rubbing my back, and basically hugging me for me to finally calm down enough to stop crying and she fell back to sleep quite easily once I stopped crying. I remember hearing my parents yell up asking what was going on, I think my dad came upstairs to check on us. I saw this thing head on, not from my peripheral vision and I know without a doubt that I was fully awake. I hadn't even started to fall asleep that night until the sun started to come up.
I am 20 years old now, so 13 years have gone by and I still remember this and it still creeps me out. I had a series of vivid and disturbing nightmares several months ago, last year...and I guess this has brought up questions. I have tried pushing all this from my mind, but I keep thinking about it, so now I am looking for answers, someone who has experienced this or something like it and can give me answers on what it was/is.
Someone told it was a bad alien, someone told me it was a demon, someone else told me a shadow person/shadow being, and the list of theories goes on, so now I am asking paranormal societies what their thoughts are and I made videos on youtube hoping others would come forward with their experiences and now here I am making this post.
The nightmares:
It was pitch black, it was wet, raining, muddy. There was lightning and loud, loud thunder. I was on a cliff, looking over the edge. The only times I saw anything was when lightning flashed giving me glimpses. I looked over the edge and saw these like creatures that honestly make me think of demons; they were climbing up the cliff towards me. They were attacking one another and they were attacking people that were down in that dark place with them, it was like the space between cliffs, like an opening in the Earth or something that let pieces of Hell out or something. There were screams and cries and the smell was horridly rancid, like rotting flesh from a road kill mixed with a fire and sulfur and rotten eggs. It was just really bad. I reacted to seeing this and that is when I was noticed, by both people that seemed to be reaching for help and by one demon creature in particular seemed to take an interest in me, so it climbed up. I turned to run and either I slipped in the mud and it grabbed my leg or it grabbed my leg and I fell, but it had my leg. I kicked at it and got away, started to run, but was grabbed again and pinned. It had my wrist and somehow I managed to get away again, it came at me and I felt its hands on my side and back but it didn't get a good grip, so I slipped away and moved towards this tree I had seen during a lightning flash. The tree had a hollowed out spot. There were large boulders all around me and a few bushes that were leafless, just branches. One bush was partially in front of the hollow of the tree and I crawled into the hollow and backed up against the tree trunk and hugged my knees and hid. The creature was moving around like an animal stalking prey. It was sniffing the air and doing that stalking sort of pose. The creature caught my scent and quickly turned his head directly facing the tree, then grinned so evilly. It started to move towards the tree and I woke up a couple times at this point, but the final time I had this nightmare was different. It was closing in and then I moved towards it slightly, almost as if I wasn't as scared as I had been previously, and it stopped and backed away, then walked off elsewhere. I remember in the nightmare having this confused look because I had expected it to kill me or something, eat me alive. I started to move towards it when I had noticed the broken horn. It had horns and one was broken and bleeding. I noticed this as I looked at the face in terror. The face was this combination of a sickly green, murky brown, and a pale grey. There was flesh missing from a cheek and you could see bone. There were scratches on its face and bites, bleeding. This thing was so terrifying and then the last night I saw it, I wasn't as scared and it was almost as if I started moving towards it as if to like see about tending its wounds, but when it left, I stayed in the tree hollow and then woke up. The other nights I dreamed this, before it left, I had woken up coughing and gasping for air, my throat and chest hurt, my entire body ached. I had scratches along my left calf muscle on my leg, I had red marks on my right side and across my back, and I had red marks on my right wrist that darkened into bruises. I had red marks on my neck as well, but these disappeared instead of bruising like my wrist had done.
I just want answers, I want to know I am not crazy. I want to know that I am not alone in this and how others have dealt with this. I recently had a smudging done but it didn't seem to help much. I feel like the smudge is wearing off and like something is just waiting for its chance, for me to have my guard down.
I would like to hear from anyone, especially those who have experienced something similar to what I have.


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It sounds like a demon attack from the nightmares. Some times when they attack they come in dream like forms in our unconscious mind. as for the fact of you no longer being afraid and it leaving you, it would be the fact that who ever sent it, didn't consider you to be a child of God and therefore it can't touch you.

As for the time when you were little, I've had the same problem before. When strong negative emotions are detected they manifest. Same for fear.


Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead. For anything is better than a life standing still.

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