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Post Info TOPIC: Could this be the END of RELIGIONS as we know them ?


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Could this be the END of RELIGIONS as we know them ?

Evidence has been released that contradicts what we have been told about the source and origins of religious legends and stories - including the Creation Account.

Brief summary of findings.

The stories about gods and God from the ancient Middle East, including Egypt, all came from the same non-divine source.

The story of Enki (as related by Sitchin) is not about an encounter with aliens.

Ancient Creation accounts all came from the same non-divine origin.

The Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim perceptions of GOD also came from this same source.

The story of Atlantis and the biblical story of Creation came from the same non-divine source.

Moses held in his hands this non-divine source - being one of the "tablets of stone".

Babylonian and Mesopotamian accounts called this same stone the "tablet of destiny".

Documented in the Old Testament, Ezekiel and Daniel's visions came from thissame non-divine source.

In Revelation (NT) John's visions also came from the same non-divinesource.

The story by Ezekiel about seeing Wheels within Wheels is not about seeing an alien spaceship.

In referring to The Lamb (of God) John was not referring to Jesus.

John documents being shown the source and origin of all these things.
He called it "A book with seven seals, written on the backside and the inside".

Egyptian scribes also held this object. They depicted and called it the "RA-Disk".

Hindu tradition documents this same object as "the Egg of Brahma".

Biblical Gospel scholars note a missing document (called the Q) that was the original source for some of the New Testament stories.

Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith, documented holding "artefacts", and a mid 1800s picture shows him holding the case which held a specific "seer stone".

The "tablet of stone" held by Moses, the Sumerian "tablet of destiny", the Hindu "the Egg of Brahma", John's "book", the Egyptian "ra-disk", the "Q", and Smith's "seer stone"

all refer to the same non-divine object.

In 1998 the Australian researcher Ronald Pegg identified this non-divine object, conducted investigations, and subsequently found the basis for all the above religious subject

matter not to be of a divine origin.

There is now proof revealing that there is no GOD, and that this religiously perceived GOD did not create the earth 6,000 years ago.

2 videos show from where much of the above subject matter originated.

Ancient Texts describe Modern Computer Technology
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