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Post Info TOPIC: Irrefutable Evidence of Life after Death?

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Irrefutable Evidence of Life after Death?

If you come across some antique pots and pans during your travels, you could be looking at pieces of aviation history. More than that, though, that old cookware might be connected with some of the most amazing evidence of life after death on record.

The salvaged parts of Great Britain's giant airship R-101, which crashed in France on its maiden overseas voyage, on October 5, 1930, is said to have been turned into cooking ware. A dirigible, the R-101 was the largest airship ever built at that time. After several test
flights, the giant airship departed Cardington in England on October 4 at 6:24 p.m. with 54 passengers and crew headed for Karachi, then part of British India. As a result of high winds, it crashed near Beauvais, just north of Paris, early the next morning, killing 48 of the 54 passengers.

The intriguing story of what followed may best be understood by a chronological look at the dates. The more complete story of Capt. Raymond Hinchliffe is told in the preceding blog entry, but is summarized in the first six entries below.

March 13, 1928 - Captain Raymond Hinchliffe is lost at sea when his plane goes down while attempting a trans-Atlantic flight.

March 31, 1928 - Beatrice Earl is experimenting with a Ouija Board attempting to contact her deceased son when Hinchliffe breaks in and asks her to contact his wife, Emilie. Anticipating that she will not be believed, Mrs. Earl makes no attempt to contact Emilie.

April 11, 1928 - Hinchliffe again communicates through the Mrs. Earl's board, appealing to her to contact his wife and providing her with the name of his solicitor. Mrs. Earl sends a letter to Emilie care of the solicitor with a copy to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the physician turned mystery writer (author of Sherlock Holmes) and Great Britain's best known spiritualist.

April 18, 1928 - As arranged by Conan Doyle, Beatrice Earl sits with trance medium Eileen Garrett to see if anything more evidential can be obtained. Hinchliffe communicates and gives details of his demise, again saying he wants to talk to his wife.

May 14, 1928 - Conan Doyle writes to Emilie Hinchliffe and persuades her to sit with Eileen Garrett.

May 22, 1928 - Emilie Hinchliffe sits with Eileen Garrett. Her husband communicates, providing very evidential information about the fatal flight as well as more personal information. Emilie moves from skeptic to believer and continues to sit periodically with Garrett, writing a book on her experiences with Garrett and other research into spirit communication.

Late September 1929 - Raymond Hinchliffe tells Emilie (through Garrett) that the R-101, which is in the final stages of development, will meet with an accident. "I do not want them to have the same fate that I had, as Johnston (the R-101 navigator) was a good friend of mine," Hinchliffe communicates. Emilie informs Captain John Morkham, her husband's good friend, of the messages. Morkham has come to believe that the messages from Hinchliffe are real as he feels the technical language communicated by Hinchliffe is beyond either Mrs. Garrett or Emilie. Morkham informs Johnston, but Johnston laughs it off.

. July 7, 1930 - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle dies and soon begins communicating through various mediums around the world. Lady Doyle, a sensitive herself, reports receiving numerous messages from her deceased husband.

October 2, 1930 - Three days before the R-101 is to set off on its fatal flight, Ian Coster, a London journalist, contacts Harry Price, a psychical researcher, to see if Price can arrange for a sťance and hopefully contact Doyle (unrelated to R-101). While Price was known primarily as a debunker of mediums, he has come to accept that some are real. He recommended Eileen Garrett, and a sitting is scheduled for October 7.

October 5, 1930 - The R-101 crashes, north of Paris.

October 6, 1930 -- Emilie Hinchliffe sits with Beatrice Earl. "I am in the state of despair," her husband communicates through Earl's board. "I hoped that the crash could be averted, and even at the last moment we were working in some way to warn those in command of the ship. I know that death is not the end, but I hold life on earth as important to progress as life here, and willful disregard of warnings is suicide."

October 7, 1930 -Like everyone else in England, Coster and Price are shaken by the news of the R-101 disaster, but they decide to go ahead with their October 7 appointment with Mrs. Garrett to see if Conan Doyle will communicate. After Garrett goes into trance, Uvani, her spirit control, begins speaking and says that someone named Irwin or Irving wants to communicate. Garrett's voice changes again and a man appears to be speaking. He identifies himself as Flight Lieutenant H. Carmichael Irwin, captain of the R-101. The initial words are weak and he appears to be under great stress. "The whole bulk of the dirigible was entirely and absolutely too much for her engine capacity," the somewhat garbled message begins. The messages continue in staccato sentences. "Flying too low altitude and could never rise...Disposable lift could not be utilized...Load too great for long flight...Same with S.L.8. Tell Eckener.,..Cruising speed bad and ship badly swinging...Engines wrong...Too heavy - cannot rise...Never reached cruising altitude...Too short trials...No one knew the ship properly...Weather bad for long flight...Fabric all waterlogged and ship's nose is down. Impossible to rise...Cannot trim."

The voice goes on to mention that the fuel injection was bad and the air pump failed. Also the cooling system was bad, as was the bore capacity. Irwin says he knew before hand that the bore capacity was inadequate, but was unable to get the engineers to correct the situation. He also mentions that the ship almost scraped the roofs at Achy and that he was guided by the railway tracks.

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very fascinating


Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead. For anything is better than a life standing still.

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