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Possessed with a spirit like the Gollum

He was only 13 yrs old when his parents brought him to me but he almost immediately exhibited demonic activity and spoke to me with a voice that mimicked the Gollum in Lord of the Rings (Return of the King). The impulsive child who had an enormous temper flares and bouts of rage and destructiveness refused to look me in the eye as I spoke with him though I had known him since he was an infant; he displayed two personalities that argued with each other back and forth just as did the Gollum in the now famous movie.

It soon became apparent that I was in a chess match with the devils in the boys mind for they were openly displaying their presence in his life. This kid was no actor. By himself he was incapable of pulling off such a performance for he was not only almost completely without talent he was not intellectually capable of even divising such a behavoir.

One of the first things I asked him after seeing this strange phenomenon was "Have you ever seen, "Lord of the Rings"? The answer was 'no' and his father, who was with us through the entire deliverance, confirmed this to us. He & his wife felt that Lord of the Rings was based on gnostic teaching and white vs black magick. So they did not allow the boy nor their other son to see that particular movie. But I was stunned to see how the split personality matched both sides of the 'gollum' character in that movie. I have it recorded but since the family left the church about a month later I did not have their permission to reveal the clip.

Although I used the Bible, prayer, and very concerned counseling to help the lad the effect was only temporary because of the serious problems in his home (mother & father had deep resentments for each other & there was constant bickering in the home) I was therefore unable to finish the task before they left our congregation. But the visual and audible part of the spirit manifestation could only be called possession or at least oppression.

But it seemed that God wanted us to see that this boy was not pretending, even though I could tell that he was genuine when he was lucid and the voices that came out of his mouth and his behavior were spontaneous and he couldn't help himself. He was also in quite a bit of pain during much of the counseling sessions I had with him. What happened was that I started getting strange IM's on my computer while I was talking with him. Whoever it was typing the IM's would tell me what he would say or do and then he would do it...on que. It was amazing. The boy had his head down, not even looking at the computer but he was so nearsighted that he could barely see my computer in the first place. It would say things like, "He hates ________" and a moment later he would say, "I hate ______". The messages were consistent in accuracy. I demanded to know who was sending the messages and the answer was returned, "we are in him" (the boy). His older brother joined us in the 2nd or 3rd session and I told him to observe my computer screen as I tried to talk with the younger boy. He soon saw the strange messages and that they told us what his brother would do or say. It was uncanny. Downright erie.

One other thing of note happened during the counseling sessions: a clicking sound near the bottom of the metal chair the boy was sitting on. The devils in him tried so many times to interrupt us and disrupt the kindness and concern shown to the boy. At first I thought the noise was just the boy perhaps kicking the chair or making the noise with his fingernails on the metal, but after all of us noted it and that he did not move a muscle when we stopped to listen for it...we knew it was spiritual and not physical.  They made the strange sound many dozens of times attempting to distract us.

I wish I could give better news and a sparkling testimony of victory for the poor benighted boy but when the family moved I never got the chance to finish helping him.

I've seen others just as strange. Perhaps I'll go on with this later.


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Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead. For anything is better than a life standing still.

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