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Post Info TOPIC: Unsolved Mysteries of The Inca Treasure

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Unsolved Mysteries of The Inca Treasure

There are several stories, myths that talk about hidden gold and "lost Inca treasures", even hidden Inca cities that are full of gold, silver and precious stones. The scholars have been eager to locate the last hiding place of the Incas (Vitcos or Vilcabamba) because the local rumour goes that the last ruler had buried his treasures there. How far is the statement true, is still unknown. The place has still not been unearthed. Thus, even till this day the controversy remains open. Nobody has or could so far authoritatively prove the place where the last Inca ruler hid his treasures.

The Inca lived in mountainous terrain, which is not good for farming. To resolve this problem, terraces were cut into steep slopes, known as andenes, in order to plant crops. They also used irrigation. They grew maize, quinoa, squash, tomatoes, peanuts, chili peppers, melons, cotton, and potatoes. Though all of their agriculture was important, their main food source was potatoes, unlike the Maya and the Aztecs, whose main food source was maize. The Inca was the first civilization to plant and harvest potatoes. Quinoa was also a main crop. They would use their seeds to make different foods.

Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro explored south from Panama, reaching Inca territory by 1526. It was clear that they had reached a wealthy land with prospects of great treasure. Inca was a powerful kingdom in America. But by 1527, a virulent epidemic swept Peru. It claimed the life of the emperor, Huayna Capac Inca and his successor Ninan Cuyachi. In the confusion that prevailed, Huayna Capac's two sons seized power. Huascar became ruler and Atahualpa took the command of the imperial army. Both the brothers tried to usurp the power from the other.

Motives to Believe that Inca Treasures Exist

The Spaniards were the first to have obtained gold and other precious metals, stones. But in their case, directly from the Incas through brute force...

Since then, about 5 centuries have passed and we know, and Pizarro knew, that the Incas had all the reasons to hide their treasures from the invading Spaniards. Theoretically, "there could be something out there". But nobody knows where. Or, if someone knows something, then he wouldn't tell anyone.

Peru had many gold and silver mines... some of them are still in function today - proof that there was and there still is a large quantity of precious metals in the country

During the second part of the 20th century and even now, in the 1st half of the 21st century, there are groups of explorers who actually hunt, search for Inca gold. Some of them are organized groups of several dozens of people and they even have helicopters in their service. Some of these expeditions cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

Today approximately 5.000 Inca artifacts, property of Yale University that are the subject of conflict between the respective institution and the Peruvian authorities.

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its long buried


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